What is life?

4 min readApr 26, 2021


Life is a time in which we lived, we are living and we will live. It varies time to time but never comes back. God firstly creates reasons to give birth to creations then creation comes into life. Human beings evolved from humans, parents are the actual reason to give birth, animals into animals. Having the same way plants also come to life. Same species hardly work to make newborns alive and the whole attribute goes to them.

But plants? What is the reason to give them birth? Who feeds them? Did you ever think a gardener is the reason to give them birth? First gardener is Lord, who creates plants and the second gardener is the person who cultivates, who feeds not just plants but other creations too.

Same thing happens in our life where we are just living having many hopes. What do we do here? And why are few living alive? The difference is just to see the invisibility around us and to have the vision for what actually we are viewing. We see just the thing which we want to see and this all depends on the way of thinking.

Darkness appears

when the Light disappears

And the Sun shines

when the Moon crosses it’s line

Connection of both is strong

But thought from heart to mind is too long

Nostalgia for height is dangerous

But Height of pride is not

Living creature is rewarded by souls

But It couldn’t differentiate among the poles

Path is given in the very first

But we choose with the mind full of rust

Make the life clean

As like the fish in Marine

Life is short

Make this a precious fort

Life is Mortal

Everyone has its own portal

-Mariyam Munir

Life is for everyone, but the only person who is successful knows that life is for him/ her too. Each living creation is here because of any purpose and what is the purpose? We have to know. Human beings are blessed with wisdom but only this creation is not satisfied with life. Why? Having wisdom without using intellect, we are just like non human beings. We are even unable to accept our humanity as a human being.

There are points related to wisdom, positive attitude and negative attitude. What is the reaction of ours after viewing something? It will be different from person to person and who will be able to know the rightness and positivity obviously will be satisfied. But this depends on our connections with people. One’s thoughts are revolutionary and come back and that is tit for tat.

A person makes a community A peaceful mind makes a person not just healthy but lucky too. Because a humble and positive attitude for everyone spreads humility and then it converts into successful against negativity. Life is a cyclic chain that starts from one person and never ends while participants of the same category become more than more. At the end, a society appears and that society is the result of one’s attitude with others.

Growing up with improvement is better than just spending life with no change. And society demands change. It is not important what we have done but it is important what we are doing for the life ahead?

The most negative role of our society is criticism of each other. Let the people allow it. A wise person only takes it sensibly and brings changes for the betterment of life. Ups and downs are the parts of life but not decides the whole life. Being a failure is not shameful if you are not staying at the same position. We just have to decide the road from past to living alive throughout life.

Refreshing mind by thinking old days

Full of ups and downs but unforgettable that gold phase

Stubbornness to get glittery things

Having them, then feeling of peaceful swings

Fight without reason

Swinging mood like season

Spreading smile by funny talking

Taking long ways for walking

That life is no more

Why is everything becoming bore?

Rest of life is just going to be spent

Because of our nature like scent

That loses its worth after being used

Nothing is useless but what is useful? Still confused

Ever thinking about self?

Ever give you a smile putting on an elf?

What a busy life! A life without getting life

Bring you up from such rife

Give you all the happiness

That’s pure without mind’s emptiness

Bring yourself out from such grief

By having a strong belief

God showers his blessing

You don’t have a need of depressing

Life is temporary

Live in this as contemporary

This is the only way

Do good and wait for the best ray

-Mariyam Munir

Then vs. Now