What is Fear?

4 min readApr 26, 2021

What makes us frightened?

Lack of self confidence always makes us frightened and we feel fear for having no power to compete, to bear or to control the whole scenario. Fear negates self trust, when we have it for environmental impacts. Many of us have such fears like: Fear of failure, fear of losing our beloveds, some have fear of parents, siblings and family, fear of unpredictable circumstances, fear of death but fear of society is still dominated.

Self Trust leads to Success

“Do one thing every day that scares you”

Eleanor Roosevelt

Instead of taking step back, do what you want to do. One more, that is fear of God. Right? Why do we have this one? But why? Because our conscience is not truly alive. We have no proper knowledge to differentiate between right and wrong. Lord never makes us frightened because He gave us proper and clear ways even for each smallest thing.

The problem is not around us but it is in ourselves. All these fears are nothing. Useless these fears only make you unstable. These all cause mental sickness and create an obstacle for moving forward. If we feel fear from others what will happen? Nothing, when we want to do something definitely we want nobody around us. Like, our actions, our deeds which are not acceptable for others but we must want to do.

We want space, we want to be alone for a while just for fulfilling our desires. But we do, sooner or later, our desire is fulfilled, even if we have fear of others but we don’t have fear of our own self. If you like something or someone, you really want to keep it near to you all the time. But when we don’t find a way according to our desire, we feel angry. That’s the result of being a failure.

Fate matters but will power comes first when the mind is fully absorbed into targeting the situation. Did we ever think about fear of conscience? Do we have fear of self? Obviously not, because we have lost our worth by thinking what will people say?

Power of Conscience

If we want to feel fear then we must feel it from ourselves. It will make us more stable, it will be like a most helpful companion. When we have fear of self we cannot do anything wrong. Our loneliness, our presence in public, nothing matters. Just our inner voice will make us able to survive in ourselves. If your conscience is satisfying to be a part of your actions, you have no need to be afraid. We just have to keep our conscience alive, throughout the life.

Close all the fears in a pot and make a circle of self fear around you, you’ll be successful to make yourself successful.


This darkness is not horrible for me

But the extract of my whole day

I spent, each moment in hopeful ray

Night is the fight, between depth of dark and light

But I found myself running towards the best flight

It may be an evil sight of blank site

Looking the way right to make me right

Standing alone at the edge

Where the next step is shining day

Peace remains no more in this hustle and bustle

In the day light even in the park

Light is no light but becomes dark

Where everyone never look around

Except than personal ground

Having sight without vision

Is like senses without division

As like the cluster of mud

And same like the growth less bud

Happy to stay in dark night

Calm, humble and satisfied insight

Fearless me having a fear of self

No need to be afraid from something else

-Mariyam Munir