My Colorful Life

4 min readOct 15, 2020


Happiness around us is all about the colorful nature and the things, making a person happy and more passionate to do something. If an artist draws a sketch and makes it colorful there is always a story behind his choice about that sketch. Even nature around us is full of different colors. Different flowers in the garden, paints of different colors in the houses and we wear clothes of different colors just because colors attract us and beauty is always found in colors.

There are two more colors except other colors, white and black. According to our few critics “Night” is dark and darkness presents chaos, sadness and loneliness but some critics say that moon at night presents peace, love and memories, on the other hand, “Day” presents light and hope. So we all have different perceptions about a single thing.

Darkness appears

when the Light disappears

And the Sun shines

when the Moon crosses it’s line

Connection of both is strong

But thought from heart to mind is too long

Nostalgia for height is dangerous

But Height of pride is not

Living creature is rewarded by souls

But It couldn’t differentiate among the poles

Path is given in the very first

But we choose with the mind full of rust

Make the life clean

As like the fish in Marine

Life is short

Make this a precious fort

Life is Mortal

Everyone has its own portal

#Mariyam Munir

Our mind is the key to open different locks and what is there behind this we have to change according to our own interest and interest must be the best one that will be better for mental health and for the best life. Life is not forever but we have to make it precious by our deeds, thoughts and pure intentions as well for others.

But I personally love colorful things. Each color has its impact on me. When I was a child I crossed different stages. When I became able to write something, a led pencil was given to me but I wanted to get a blue pen that was not allowed to me. When I got a blue pen In 4th standard I wanted to get black, red and green pen. Means my choice of getting things was changing by passing time. But now, I am at that phase of my life where I love to use all colors and I know the value of different things. I have a collection of different pens. I use all the colors.

When I became a part of Amal fellowship, I made notes with those colors and shared them with my group. Most of the people liked it and one person privately asked me about the reason for using colors and then I replied that different colors make me happy like different people. All are not the same but all have their own identity. I always want to stay near to those people who are best for me. I learn from them, I pick all the good things which make me better than before. First two weeks of fellowship remind me of the usage of colors and I want to relate colors with my fellows. I picked many things from all of them like confidence, positivity, creative thoughts and mainly mentorship.

Now, I can feel all these things in me, I learned all those things which made me feel happy that I improved a lot in this time period. My experience was not even good but it was the best phase of my life where I explored myself, where I transformed myself and appeared as a better personality. No doubt In the beginning I was a little worried for the next life but I really enjoyed knowing about my whole life and what it was and what it is. This discovery is not just discovery but it is an accusation of my life where I found myself.

I will never forget that part of my life where a huge change I found in myself not just changed but the best change of my life. Where I colored myself, I removed chaos by myself. Because life is an art and we design it according to our own interest. So, I love my colorful life that is the result of my effort and the effort of those people are always near to me.