How to be a right Ambitious?

3 min readApr 26, 2021

Ambition_ the hope of Personal Desire

A person who is ambitious to achieve something obviously makes a planner and wishes to take that in hand. But how can we know that the selected desire will be achieved or not? What is the purpose? And why will we be selected for that? Will it be beneficial or not? We are ambitious, it’s fine enough but do we deserve to have that?

Life is a road that starts and ends even, has many other directions and we have to know that direction that is approachable for our destination. So, is the ambition in direction? We just desire our ambition and achieve that. But where is the determination? Are we fit for that? Standing alone does not decide who you are but standing in the crowd does. Being a good personality is good, that is a personal image of self but impactful on others. Having an identity is not easy, that is the image of a person in a specific crowd.

Have we focused on both? No, personality requires small changes all the time and the identity based on it. Do we exist in one of both? Obviously not because our desire for achieving ambition does not make that sense to know the actual worth of self and the abilities we have.

We never focus on what we have but we are focused on what we want to have and our ambition demands that focus. No doubt passion to get something makes everything blurry except than our target point. But if our target is not selected for the right place, then?

Target your placeThe whole process revolves around the specialty we have. Many of us are successful in life because what they wanted to be now they are but they are not satisfied. Just because of wrong selection of their choice. Trend matters but when that is suitable for us. Many of us are more on the way where others go but do not remember that way where we are going is right or wrong. Everyone is able to do anything but what is the ability to do? Just focus on the point, that is ability.

A Right Ambition

Everything is possible

If you are ambitious

You might be a good player

If your energy is pure and clear

Your power decides your destination

Sometimes that’s just in your imagination

You surely can cross the thorny road

If you have faith in your Lord

Not even compulsory to be first

But be yourself first without any thirst

There’s nothing remained same

But except than only your own name

Success isn’t to achieve all the time fame

But moving slowly upward without any shame

Then compare your own version

From old to new that’s the only best conversion

Don’t hesitate to be failure

History declares about such travailleur

Stop to chase someone who’s brave

You have to go in your own grave

Stay focused towards the right place

That’s the best for your own self glace

Mariyam Munir


Ability and Ambition are equally important if we have a third one that is Acceptance of self worth, this combination makes you Zealous.

A right ambition will must be in your hand, if you are really focused to explore your ability.