3 min readSep 18, 2020

Water crisis is one of the rising problems in the world as well as Pakistan. Despite being an agricultural country with extensive resources of water, if we did not pay attention to this uprising crisis, Pakistan will be one of badly hit countries in the world, by 2030. In our project “Pure Aqua”, we aim to play our part, to every extent possible, to save our country from this crisis.

As discussed above, Pakistan is an agricultural country, so there are extensive resources of water available under the core of Earth and also in the form of rivers and canals. But due to lack of care, we have severely damaged our resources by many means. So the first issue that is surfacing currently is not scarcity of water but scarcity of soft or clean water that can be utilized for drinking or household chores. That is why in our project, we are focused on cleaning and purifying, already present resources of water.

Our plan is to start from a very short scale project, which according to our estimate will benefit 5 to 6 houses. We will install a domestic level “Reverse Osmosis (RO)” plant in the village of Tharparkar. According to our survey, this is the most sustainable way of purifying water in that area because of the vast amount of salts present in water there. This plant costs some few thousand rupees initially and then its maintenance costs a few hundred rupees monthly, which is easily affordable.

We have divided duties among team members, depending upon their capabilities, interests, and ease. Male members are assigned with all the technical parts of the project, which includes; searching for the right purification system, installing it in the desired area etc. Whereas, female members are assigned with tasks which can mostly be done remotely, for example; writing blogs, designing posters for social media campaigns etc.

Sr. No: Tasks and Assignees

1. Donation/funds + Research (if required any) __ Haseeb, Aqsa

2. Social Media posts + awareness campaigns (everything will be in written form — documentation) __ Mariyam, Rashid

3. Blog1 __ Mariyam

4. Blog2 __ Ali

5. Project Report (additional task) __ Ali

6. Submission of tasks/process update in Google Classroom __ Noor

7. Execution + Feedback __ Parkash, Haseeb, Ali

8. Presentation __ Noor

9. Monitoring + Help desk __ Noor, Haseeb

10. Collaboration __ Team

So far, we have surveyed the market for the best RO plant that will be feasible for us and we have come across many options. We will choose the best option depending upon the amount we will be able to raise in our fundraising campaign. For fundraising purposes, we have collaborated with “Source Welfare Foundation”, a team of volunteers working for the betterment of our country. We have decided to launch our campaign from their social media platforms and then share in our circles too, so that we can engage maximum possible audiences.

If everything goes according to our, we will be able to raise the desired amount within 15 to 20 days. Then we will start working on the implementation, which includes purchasing and installing the plant in our desired location. Once our plant will be installed, we will try to raise awareness among people there, about the upcoming crisis. We will make sure that they will utilize this blessing with care and play their part in saving our beloved motherland from this crisis.