Amal Journey

2 min readOct 7, 2020
Take a small step to move final step

Journey is a way towards destination. It decides the results of that distant place where a man desires to go. But which way and how that should be selected each and everything depends upon mentality of the person. Fear and excitement both are side by side as I felt in me, when I thought to join AMAL.

At the beginning I was little upset that how I will be able to make this journey successful during my final semester of Bachelors. But when I joined that fear converted into passion. All were strangers for me but most impactful thing I absorbed in me that is a good interaction and connection among fellows. Each member of my this journey was a reason to be stable with positive energy and positive thoughts.

“The mind is it’s own place and in itself it can make the Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven.”

This idea of John Milton helped me to make a cluster of positive thoughts around me.

Key of success

In break out room, in learning group and in session discussions, feedback fun with activities really inspired me. This fellowship is the most memorable part of my life where I found the best way of learning without any kind of anxiety of grades.

I learned a lot from this journey but an incident made me clearer to choose the things which I need most. That incident was about self acquisition where I was able to know myself. Being an Amal follower, I brought some updates into me for the survival of final destination. A level of confidence that is a gift from Amal I will keep this around me. Journey always demands good companions for making the way colorful with hopes, happiness and best talks.


And I found all these things in my journey that was blank in starting but decorated after by my mentors. This grateful picture of my life that I already have captured, not just for the present life but for the rest of my life will stay with me.